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 Scrimming/Playing matches

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PostSubject: Scrimming/Playing matches   Thu May 30, 2013 9:07 am

So I saw Superman saying the following

Superman wrote:

I agree with Rocker in the sense that we always wear tags. But, let the
vote go on and let Xana or someone decide whether he gets accepted at
the right time. As for the organize thing. Rocker I want you to know
that I try so much and so does whate to organize scrimmages and things
to that manner. But when noone follows through after I've tried this
twice and whate once, it gets SO annoying and frustrating. We tell
people to tell us when they will be participating. Yet hey, noone does
so until people do, we cannot start.

And I wanted to respond, but without ruining someone's recruiting thread.
Here goes:

In order for you to get people active, first ask when people might be able to come online. Superman and Stormy are American and there is a time difference between the US and the EU that can go up to 9 hours.
So simply ask around to people that want to scrim, when could you be online for a scim, and for how long?

If the majority says that they can be there at 20 PM CEST you can make the arrangements to start scrimming at that specific time.
First come First serve principle applies here as well. If you have 10 players that say I can get online at 20 PM CEST. It can happen that at 20 PM there are only 5 of those players online. This means they will scrim! If someone joins after and you shouldn't care if they are better or not than the players playing at that given time. They will just have to wait for someone that has to go so they can take his place. Ofcourse if eventually all of the remaining 5 get online, you can have them all scrimming.

Eventually you will set up a main line-up, this usually includes your best players in their given weapon roles + some back ups.
If the back ups get online before the someone in the main line-up does. The back up guy gets to play atleast one match! This is just normal courtesy. After that one match, the guy from the main line-up gets to play.

Get fixed scrim times!, my team uses a WhatsApp Group conversation in order to communicate. Sure we play matches in the afternoons but mostly we will be playing from around 19 pm - 23pm. If you can't come, you drop a message on WhatsApp so you dont have to wait for hours for your main aku or whatever to come online and you can get the back up guy to play.

Now I know some of this seems a little vague, and I agree. But if you have any specific questions post them below and I will answer them in given time.
And lastly, you don't have to follow this format! It works for my team but it does not have to work for you guys.

Good luck
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PostSubject: Re: Scrimming/Playing matches   Thu May 30, 2013 1:51 pm

Well, as everytime, you have good ideas.
Maybe we could make a post where everyone post the time they are available to play, use WhatsApp Group (great idea) for communication.
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PostSubject: Re: Scrimming/Playing matches   Thu May 30, 2013 2:23 pm

Yea, I've been using whatsapp as a communication app for my latest teams to. Works pretty good if you want to set it up.

Heat's still cheating.
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PostSubject: Re: Scrimming/Playing matches   

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Scrimming/Playing matches
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