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PostSubject: FOR NEW APPLICANTS *READ HERE FIRST*   Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:55 am

Should you want to join DVAS, please check below of what is required/expected of a new applicant.

1. Every person who wants to apply has to have teamspeak 3 downloaded since this is how you can get in contact with other members the easiest. As a new applicant ask an admin for the IP and a temporary password for the DVAS teamspeak server.

2. Every applicant has to have X-fire and is recommended to add as many DVAS members as possible. This way we'll have an easier way of contacting you if we'd like to meet you or play with you. See the 'X-fire Information' section for the X-fire names.

3. To avoid early rejection of your application we sincerely would like to ask you of already knowing a few DVAS members and hopefully have spend some time on our teamspeak server.
If you haven't done these things yet, it is recommended to do these first and make your application a week (or so) later. This way you can also find out if the DVAS community is something you would like to join.

If these three requirements apply to you, then feel free to make a new post and answer the following questions. Our members will then vote yes or no of wether or not they would like you in this community or not.

Copy these questions into a new thread:

1. What is your preferred game-name (How would you like us to address you):
2. What is your real name? (First name is sufficient):
3. How old are you? :
4. Where are you from? :
5. What is your X-fire? :
6. What games do you play mainly? :
7. How often are you online or can you be found in teamspeak/on X-fire? :
8. Do you have a working microphone? (Not obligatory, but preferred) :
9. For how long have you known DVAS? :
10. Why do you want to join DVAS? :
11. Who do you know in DVAS? :
12. Why should we accept you in DVAS? :

Good luck with the rest of your application.

On behalf of DVAS,

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