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 Time for Change

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PostSubject: Time for Change   Sun Dec 28, 2014 11:10 pm

Hello everyone,

This is gonna be a long post and since i consider it all important i'm not gonna add a TL;DR section, just get some snacks and enjoy Wink

Let's start from where we are right now. At the moment our clan is going through some rough paths not only due to recent leavers, but mainly because DVAS was slowly starting to drift away from the atmosphere we all loved. All this begged for change. Change that would turn the tide and bring back us back to the fun, charismatic and enjoyable group of friends, gamers, we were.
After some days of intensively brainstorming about what would be the best idea's, I'm glad to say that practically everyone i spoke with recently agreed. Some changes are small, but others are really big and might take some time to get used to.

First of all, the biggest change, will be that DVAS will as of this day no longer be a clan, but evolve into a community. This means that we'll no longer be bound to only CoD4, but instead we'll carry on our tags to all the games we like. Furthermore this allows members to join CoD4 clans while still remaining in DVAS.
As of now the name DVAS will remain, but it is no longer an obligation to wear your DVAS tags all the time. However since i believe that we can all be proud of the tags, i hope that most of you will keep wearing them. I'm certain that i will.

Secondly, I like to state that as of now nobody is in that community yet. Every member of the clan has the full right, and is encouraged, to join the new community. Joining the community is done by simply replying on a post I'll make seconds after this one. (Keep this post for your commentary on the changes). I took these steps so that we get a natural selection of active and inactive people. Members who haven't visited the forum in months naturally won't reply and will in fact not be in the new community. This is all to ensure that we become a 'small' group of active and motivated people to bare the future. This 'small' group will serve as the core from which we'll keep expanding by attracting more social and active people.
The only new requirement for people to join the DVAS is community, is having Teamspeak, with or without microphone! When i asked around I got a 100% positive answer on teamspeak being the core of the old clan, and the place where people experienced the most fun. My intention is not to make teamspeak feel obligated, but more to attract people to taste the atmosphere in it. From my own experience i can tell u that i didn't like the idea either at first, but right now i'm pretty addicted to log onto teamspeak Wink
Also I like to take this opportunity to give people an honorable leave out of the clan if they feel like they personally reached the end of their chapter in DVAS. I hope that no one will take offence to people leaving, I know for certain that i won't. To those that decide to take their leave, I would like to wish the best of luck in the future.

Continuing, there will be a big change on the forum. In the next coming days I'll be adjusting a lot of posts to comply with the new changes. This includes changing out some rules, remaking the members list, remove the scrim section but add more different Game sections where needed etc. So if anyone wants to save some forum threads that are dear to them, now is the time. I promise to not delete threads if not absolutely needed. But just placing a small warning Smile

Next I'll make some clarity about recruiting new people. In general not much will change: Were still in search for friendly social people who have a positive mindset. Since we are making a fresh start, I would like to do the same with old DVAS members. They are all allowed to make a new application, if they have teamspeak. Like everyone else they'll be accepted if they manage to accumulate enough yes-votes.

Furthermore, considering the servers:
- Promod 1.7: This server will be up for another 9 months, due to earlier payments
- Promod 1.6: This server will be up for another month or two, due to earlier payments
- Teamspeak: This server will remain. Same rules will apply as I stated earlier this week: DVAS members will receive the password if they contact an admin or higher (pass remains the same as the last weeks btw). Temporary passwords will be made by admins if you want to invite someone to our teamspeak. Do not give them the real password, and as long as they only remain for as long as needed, I'm more than happy to see new faces every day.

Of course I can't lead this clan alone, so next up i'll discuss my plans for the future admins.
First of all I want to appoint Sergey as my co-clan leader. Reason behind it being that he is very active and I believe that he can complement me the best with his attitude. More specific I believe that my weak points as a leader might be not reacting firmly on for example banning people. So Sergey will be the rude one whispering in my ear ^^
Second I'm gonna remove the function of head admin and Senior Admin, at least for now. In my opinion these titles did not bring much content with them aside from maintaining the forum.
This leads me into the newly formed admin group:
I'm gonna try to give new admins more specific roles and powers to help micro-organize this clan. Examples are admins in charge of maintaining the forum, in charge of recruitment, in charge of server maintenance etc.
Unfortunately I won't appoint these roles just yet as i want to make an appropriate amount of admins in comparison to the amount of members. Also I can't promise that all current admins will be admin again, but there's a high chance for it. I hope I won't offend anyone, if so please feel free to contact me. Expect the new admins to be announced in the upcoming days/week. Also I want to note that i haven't been able to talk to Xanatos since he's still on vacation, so the new admin group could still change drastically.

I believe to have addressed the main focus points. The key goal I want to reach with all these changes is innovation. I truly believe that a group/community/clan/company has to keep being innovative if it wants to keep existing.
I hope that I can convince you all of the wonderful times ahead of us.
Any questions you have or opinions you want to share, i'll be more than glad to see below this post Smile
I'll see you all in the new community!

Cause after all, the only thing more fun than gaming, is gaming with your friends.

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Time for Change
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