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 Stepping Up

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PostSubject: Re: Stepping Up   Sun Nov 02, 2014 12:28 pm

Guys, even though the funding of our servers is an important matter to discuss, please stay on topic. I will make another thread about it soon enough.

heatedHD wrote:
Xanatos wrote:
All that being said, I will not refuse if you guys honestly want me to be the leader. I just will ask you to reconsider.
From this so far, it seems both Ryan(xLegion) and Xana dont want too be leader. Well okay. Ill assume my burden of being leader
On a real note. Skrelox. Not trying to be rude, but it will seem like it. Your barely on enough to even begin to say that you can speak for the whole clan as we want xana to be our leader. No offense to xana but im sure there are people who want Legion over Xana. How can somebody who only reads forums speak for the entire clan? Your never in teamspeak with others, only interaction you get with the clan are through these threads.
What I asked you to do is reconsider whether you seriously want me to be the leader, nothing more. About me "not wanting to be the leader"... Well, I don't have anything actually against it. I just don't feel it to be necessary for me to be the leader. I'm more like on a neutral zone about the whole idea. So why don't you heat stop trying to put words in my mouth, I'm completely capable to speak for myself.


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PostSubject: Re: Stepping Up   Sun Nov 02, 2014 7:18 pm

How am I putting words in your fucking mouth? If you yourself fucking said you would like people to reconsider. If you are so capable of speaking for yourself then why have people reconsider you being leader. Either you want to lead this clan or you dont. Nothing to fucking consider.
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PostSubject: Re: Stepping Up   Sun Nov 02, 2014 10:09 pm

Whether Xanatos or Ryan would like to step up to be the clan-leader, it should happen within the next couple days-next Saturday. We can't go forever without a clan-leader
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PostSubject: Re: Stepping Up   Sun Nov 02, 2014 11:39 pm

How about we make a poll where people can vote and add candidates freely? That way you're probably gonna get opinions from more people and it will all be a bit democratic. In that case both Xana and Legion can decide for their own. For example, Ryan might think: If 70 % of the people want me as clan leader, then I will step up. If not then I leave the spot for someone else.
Just my idea though.
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PostSubject: Re: Stepping Up   

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Stepping Up
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