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 another one bites the dust....

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PostSubject: another one bites the dust....   Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:46 pm

this time it's DVAS starzje....
sorry Starzje but as I wrote to you on a PM rules are made to be followed, not to brake.
you played without our tags , even when an admin pointed it out to you.....
admis had a discussion about this and those who replyed, and myself came to the conclusion since this is your 2nd entry you had to know better!
anyway it is what it is, no hartfeelings and good luck to you.....
i don't have to point out to you you can't ware our tags anymore and you are no longer welcome on our ts3. i guess you figgered that allready out .
good luck and i hope you find whatever you are looking for!


old people at weddings Always poke me and say "you are next"

so i started to do the same thing to them at funerals
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another one bites the dust....
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