We're called deadly for a reason.
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 Apply to the clan

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PostSubject: Apply to the clan   Mon Jun 23, 2014 1:34 pm

1: What's your CoD4 name? : Bogus
2: What is your real name? (Surname not needed) : Bartek
3: What is your everyday E-mail? : bogus78@onet.pl , boguspl69@gmail.com
4: How old are you? :14
5: Where are you from? :Poland
6: What is your X-fire? (Needed) : bogus78
6b: Will you add our members to X-fire? : Yes no problem

7: Have you ever been in a clan? : Yes knife clans Razz and at guns i was been in *DS*
8a: Are you currently in a clan? (If so, which one?) : Nope
8b: Why are you not with them? :

9: How many hours are you online per week? : 7-15
10: How often do you play on our servers? (Roughly) : Also when i have time
11: Which of our servers do you play on? : DVAS promod
12: What days and what times during those days are we likely to see you play? :
13: Have you ever scrimmed or mixed for another clans scrim? : Yep but that was 3 years go Razz
#If you have scrimmed before answer (13b) if not skip it:
13b: How did you perform? :

14: Do you play 'Promod'? do you prefer 'Hardcore'? : Promood <3
15: What are your weapons and perks of preference? : AK-47u
16: What is/are your favourite map(/s)?  District , Crash Overgrown
17: Do you rush? Snipe? #What type of player are you? : Also im rushing but when i stay 1v3 i go def
18: Why do you want to join DVAS? : I want learn my skills and play with good players
19: Why should DVAS accept you? : I think i can teach some ppl how to play knife only Smile)
20: Do you have a microphone and willing to have Teamspeak based conversations? :  Yes
21: Will you check our forum regularly? (You will be expected to continue to use forum, posting ideas or helping other people with their application should you be accepted.) :Yes
22: Do you want to donate? (Appreciated, but this will have no influence on your application, so don't worry.) :Yes of corse

23: Please type your 8 digit GUID here: fdadf97e42c8c898f1b5d08b1d52e8f0
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PostSubject: Re: Apply to the clan   Mon Jun 23, 2014 5:08 pm

Uhh well I heard you had the tags of [KOG] on and you cannot be in multiple clans even if it is a knife clan. Also, I don't think I've seen you on the server that much either so I am going to reject this application. If you really want to join DVAS, leave KOG and come to the servers more often and be talkative towards all members.
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Apply to the clan
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