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 Apply for the clan

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Im Dolan yesh

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PostSubject: Apply for the clan   Mon Jun 23, 2014 12:54 am

1: What's your CoD4 name? : Dolan
2: What is your real name? (Surname not needed) :Dominik
3: What is your everyday E-mail? :dominikkalo@gmail.com
4: How old are you? :14 (2000.01.14)
5: Where are you from? :Hungary
6: What is your X-fire? (Needed) :Remus1414
6b: Will you add our members to X-fire? : Yes of course

7: Have you ever been in a clan? : Yeah, one lan clan, but we quit before the lan 1 week Sad (it was Icl,a hungarian lan.)
8a: Are you currently in a clan? (If so, which one?) : No.
#If you were in a clan but no longer with them, answer question (8b):
8b: Why are you not with them? :They quit playing cod4.

9: How many hours are you online per week? : 3-4 on cod4.
10: How often do you play on our servers? (Roughly) :I didnt played on your servers yet.
11: Which of our servers do you play on? : I didnt played on your servers yet.
12: What days and what times during those days are we likely to see you play? :I didnt played on your servers yet.
13: Have you ever scrimmed or mixed for another clans scrim? :Yes 
13b: How did you perform? : I was always the 3rd or the 2nd on the scoreboard Smile

14: Do you play 'Promod'? do you prefer 'Hardcore'? :promod
15: What are your weapons and perks of preference? : r700, ak-74u
16: What is/are your favourite map(/s)? :Backlot,Strike
17: Do you rush? Snipe? #What type of player are you? :Sniper, my secondary is rusher.
18: Why do you want to join DVAS? :I met a DVAS clan tag and he was friendly and i asked him to can i join. 
19: Why should DVAS accept you? :Im a calm player, i have good skills, and i can speak english good Smile
20: Do you have a microphone and willing to have Teamspeak based conversations? : Yes. (I dont have a little cat voice like other 14yr olds btw)
21: Will you check our forum regularly? (You will be expected to continue to use forum, posting ideas or helping other people with their application should you be accepted.) :Yes.
22: Do you want to donate? (Appreciated, but this will have no influence on your application, so don't worry.) :Maybe on paypal.

23: Please type your 8 digit GUID here:11be8556
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PostSubject: Re: Apply for the clan   Mon Jun 23, 2014 2:00 am

I mean you haven't played on our servers yet? Well I don't know about you then. I'm going to say no already because we're generally looking for people who are active on our servers and seem to be dedicated. I'm sorry but I don't see that in tyou because you haven't played on our server. Play on our servers more, then I'd say re-apply in a month or two.

And in Xanatos' words, 

Thank you for your interest in joining DVAS. Unfortunately I have to reject your application right away as you haven't played on our servers, thus the majority of our members can't possibly know you well enough to make a thought through vote on your application.

Now, if you want to join DVAS, I'd recommend you to start playing regularly on our promod server (IP: at least for a couple of weeks before applying again. In addition, you should get Xfire (I take it you don't have Xfire yet as you skipped the question 6) and add our members, so you can see when they're playing and perhaps arrange a match with them. This thread will be locked but should you have any questions, feel free to contact me via private message.

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Apply for the clan
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