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 Do's and Dont's

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PostSubject: Do's and Dont's   Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:00 pm

Hello DVAS,

This message will apply not only to members and recruits but also admins and mods.
It will be broken down into the following sections.

Rules, procedure and conduct for Members

# No spamming on the servers or the forum. (This applies to everyone)
# No severe bad mouthing to regular/other players on our servers. (This applies to everyone)
# Absolutely NO disrespectful behavior to another member or an admin. (This applies to everyone)
# Set example to other players and avoid rule breaking where possible.
# If someone is rule breaking or being a potential annoyance, please contact an Admin. They will deal with the situation for you.
(Camping, use of disallowed perks - HtC, abuse to members, advertising of any sort. etc)
# If an admin or a mod asks YOU to do something, do it. It saves debate. If you are unhappy about something please contact:
Myth34, Xanatos or Sergey for help.
# Always feel free to suggest ideas and make requests here on forum.

Rules, procedure and conduct for Admins

# No kicking or banning a member. Joke or not, it's NOT allowed. If a member is being a nuisance please contact:
Myth34, Xanatos or Sergey for help.
# If you put a password on a server, be sure to remove it once finished. Same goes for game modes and strat modes.
# If you ban someone please follow Myth34's "Name - Reason" procedure in the 'Reason' tab through; PunkBuster.
# Please enforce the "Only English" rule on our servers. We use English as the universal means to communicate.
(3 warnings should be sufficient, if they continue, enforce a temporary ban. If they still continue, permanently ban them. Redirect them to "Ban appeals" should they contact you by other means)
# Do not activate 'Voting' on our servers.

Rules for mixing

# Mixing is allowed, wearing your DVAS tag is preferred but not obligatory.
# Do not change your name.
# If a DVAS scrim is taking place and they ask you to play whilst mixing, your immediate priority is to leave and play for DVAS.
# Use our teamspeak server.

If you get caught doing a sneaky or you fail to adhere to these rules may result in you being kicked out the clan and consequently banned from our servers, so make sure you understand them.

In addition, if you leave the community or get kicked will mean you will not allowed to make another application to re-join should you wish to return.

If you would like to add anything or suggest anything, please feel free to reply.


DVAS Wreckz.


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"Unfortunately, Hell had no vacancies."
"Ha ha. Yeah, you sneaky fookin' prawnz, heh?"

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Do's and Dont's
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