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 MrSniker Recruitment

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PostSubject: MrSniker Recruitment   Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:06 am

Hey Guys!

1: What's your CoD4 name? : Mr_Sniker
2: What is your real name? (Surname not needed) : Patryk Dajos
3: What is your everyday E-mail? : lolfaceninja@gmail.com
4: How old are you? : 14
5: Where are you from? : Poland but i live in Germany
6: What is your X-fire? (Needed) : mrsnikerser
6b: Will you add our members to X-fire? : ok if you want so Smile

7: Have you ever been in a clan? : Yes, i started with cod 2 years ago and then it bores me, i had an year long stop with cod (sry for bad ENG)
8a: Are you currently in a clan? (If so, which one?) : NOPE

9: How many hours are you online per week? : 5x7=35 hours
10: How often do you play on our servers? (Roughly) : 2/6 Smile but i will more
11: Which of our servers do you play on? :
12: What days and what times during those days are we likely to see you play? : everyday i think from 16h to 20-21h
13: Have you ever scrimmed or mixed for another clans scrim? : NOPE

14: Do you play 'Promod'? do you prefer 'Hardcore'? :Ye i like hardcore server just cose i kill people like squirrels Very Happy
15: What are your weapons and perks of preference? : G36c Claymore and Doubleshot
16: What is/are your favourite map(/s)? : Crash Wintercrash
17: Do you rush? Snipe? #What type of player are you? : Im an faster "Ninja" Player, i like to sneak behind someone and make him look like a Noob Smile
18: Why do you want to join DVAS? : I saw some pro Players on hard server they had the tag dvas like ratchet rocker and Daniel i had 8 kills 3 deads at hard sabotage without respawning and wasted an Airstrike -.-
19: Why should DVAS accept you? : I think they could need next good and friendly Player (sry for bad ENG)
20: Do you have a microphone and willing to have Teamspeak based conversations? : I have an very good Logitech Headset, my voice could be like 11 years old guy but trust me im 14 Smile
21: Will you check our forum regularly? (You will be expected to continue to use forum, posting ideas or helping other people with their application should you be accepted.) : I can if you want Smile
22: Do you want to donate? (Appreciated, but this will have no influence on your application, so don't worry.) : No i dont have any Paypal ore somethin, Sry but i wouldnt.

This will be everything Smile THX Guys and pls make it FAST!
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PostSubject: Re: MrSniker Recruitment   Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:53 am

Sorry but you are banned by GGC for MD5Tool. Don't ask me what it means. Our servers use GGC-Stream so you cannot join them.
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PostSubject: Re: MrSniker Recruitment   Sat Oct 19, 2013 4:55 pm

Basically MD5 is a hash check against your current files, and if the check doesn't match the legitimate file information, you get kicked / banned.

Thanks for your application Patryk Dagos, but in light of what Ratchet said...
Your application is declined.


You know you want my 'D'
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PostSubject: Re: MrSniker Recruitment   

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MrSniker Recruitment
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