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 Reminder about mixing

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PostSubject: Reminder about mixing   Thu Jun 13, 2013 7:11 pm

DVAS Mixing Rules wrote:
# Mixing is allowed, however you must not change your DVAS tag.


Just so there is no confusion after the last topic we had about this. Despite what was wrote about what should be the rule, you DO have to wear the DVAS tags when mixing.  That is a current rule and has not changed.

Please don't think to yourself that you're a really liked member and can just do whatever when it comes to breaking rules, the severity of the broken rule is irrelevant.  You're a member of DVAS and should represent the clan you join.

This isn't open for discussion as to what people want as of now.  If Rocker asks you for your opinion on the rule, he'll create a topic where you can discuss it as much as you want.


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Reminder about mixing
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